A virtual fix for crokinole junkies


Since discovering the game, and reading everything I can find online, and ordering my own board. It became obvious that I ought to experience the game in some form.

I was able to find a version of the game for my iPad (its acutally designed for the iPhone/iPod touch), and get a reasonable facsimile of the game play. While I suspect sinking a 20 is much harder in real life, I did get a taste for the element of strategy that is introduced due to requirement to strike one's opponents' discs.

Croke: Crokinole on the iPhone, has several levels of skill for the Computer opponent and supports network play (I haven't found an opponent yet), as well as a 2-player mode where players take turns on the same device. The controls for piece placement, aim, and flick strength are obviously not like the real game, but very well implemented. At $2 USD, its decent deal for crokinole fans needing a fix away from a board.

I don't have any experience with a similar app targeted at Android devices, but readers can find more information at Appbrain.

Posted Sat 04 February 2012 by Demian in Crokinole