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Pichenotte - Crokinole by another name

Pichenotte Board

Dave and Norm Lagasse of Sante Fe, New Mexico: ~ Like so many other families of Canadian descent, among our most valued family heirlooms is a "pichenotte" board (shown at left). Ours was made by our grandfather, Lucien Rajotte, back in 1926 out of a wooden starch crate (you can still make out the original stenciling on the back of the board). His grocery business in Connecticut was the source of the wood crate. For many family occasions, the pichenotte board was an essential element.

While at 15th World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, ON. I had occassion to view one of the Lagasse brothers' Pichenotte boards.

It certainly is a work of art. A crokinole board in every way, the posts are quite a fine work with a rubber o-ring around the center. The ditch was covered with a fine felt. It was really quite spectacular.

Most foreign, however, were the pucks, which were made of a plastic and cut in such a strange shape that they do not have a solid surface in contact with the board.


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A Crokinole Birthday (the gift of crokinole pt 2)


While playing cards with my family this morning, I saw the mailman pull up out front for an apparent second delivery. With my birthday coming up soon, I wondered what may have arrived from or similar online store.

However, when I watched him pull out a large square ...

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New Handmade Boards by Allinent on eBay

Allinet Crokinole

During my research on Crokinole craftsman, I had come across a few photographs of boards made by "Allinent." One of the side effects of ordering a handcrafted item, is waiting for it to be handcrafted and delivered.

Occasionally, you'll find the Hilinski's maintaining small inventory. Today, I noticed ...

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The gift of crokinole

Burton by Hilinski

Today is my father's birthday. I imagine he's been watching my recent crokinole obsession with both curiosity and a bit of familiarity. Obsessive hobbies run in the family.

What might be particularly funny for long time Knipsbrat readers, is that it wasn't immediately obvious that this would ...

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Crokinole Board by Muzzies



The first board I ordered arrived from Nova Scotia today. Sue shipped the board only 6 days ago, not bad for international postal service.

The board is maple plywood with a Red Chestnut stained playing surface, and clear poly for the ditch and rails. Murray and Sue do excellent finish ...

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Puzzler board arrived

My Puzzler Board

Murphy's Law held true as my board arrived Thursday when out of town and couldn't play with it. The next day, flight delays continued to separate me from my obsession.

An email exchange with the Joel Harper (the builder), reassured me that he was as anxious to hear ...

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Can't wait...


I know I've gone mental, while I await the work of art I ordered from Muzzies, I began to imagine sharing the game with others. Bring the board to the office to show to friends and colleagues, bring the board to VT to play with friends and family, having ...

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