Clockwork Crokinole: Crokinole for the PC

Clockwork Crokinole hit the internet this past week. It appears to have been developed by Evan Smith of Nova Scotia, CA (as "Mud Puddle Games") based on GarageGames Torque2D engine.

The mechanics, ambient sound, and animations are "steampunk" style and have a nice feel to them. Easy mode is a good way to get familiar with the specific rules and gameplay.

While much "prettier" than the previously reviewed "Croke" for iOS, the game play is too slow and the attractive animations become tedious and tiresome before the first game is complete. I'll have to play a little more to see if the "accuracy mode" makes the game more interesting.

Summary: Pass for now, but I'll be keeping my eyes out for improvements.

Posted Sat 14 April 2012 by Demian in Crokinole