Crokinole brings people together

Oldest known crokinole board

Crokinole is a game with unique culture that naturally brings people together. I was reminded of this while playing doubles with my brother, son and father-in-law over the weekend.

Within a family

Similar to card games, and traditional board games such as backgammon, checkers, and chess, crokinole is a low tech game that is played between people facing each other over a table or playing surface. This attribute by itself reminds us to turn off the TVs, iPods and computers and spend sometime together as friends and family.

Unlike these games, crokinole comes with a more casual and fast paced game that can be played while having a conversation and with a number of players taking turns at the board. And even further, the simple rules and heirloom nature of handmade boards transcends generations and can be enjoyably played among grandparents and grandchildren. The generational nature must also conjure nostalgia and a connection with the passed with those fortunate enough to be in possession of hand-me-down boards.

Among families

While I haven't yet had experience with a crokinole club as exist in Ontario, British Columbia, and PEI, I'm impressed by the commitment and distance traveled by enthusiasts to attend regional and national tournaments. The greater crokinole community, while small, seems to be filled with authentic, unassuming, and diverse people who appreciate some of the simple yet fundamental principles of pride in one's efforts, consideration of others, and joys of rich human interaction.

Building a community?

While I consider a "pilgramage" to Tavistock, I'm thinking my next steps is to organize a series of small gatherings and/or creation of a small club.

Posted Tue 01 May 2012 by Demian in Crokinole