Crokinole Depot - 20 Holder (Wood)

Crokinole Depot 20 Holder

A friend and I ordered a pair of 20 holders from Crokinole Depot. I was excited to order this for a number of reasons. First, Crokinole Depot is run by Ray and Jason Beierling who are active in the Crokinole community and ranked players. Their website and participation in online message boards have been great sources of information for me while learning about the game. In a sense, they are Heroes of the game.

We received our order only a week or so after ordering, but found communication (by email or twitter) to be difficult if at all possible. These are perfectly functional twenty holders, and look just like the photo. They are a huge step up from my daughter's "Hello Kitty" children's bowl that we've been using. That said, they aren't the same level of quality as a Muzzies' Crokinole board.

The communication challenges are more concerning since one of the holders arrived broken (one of the end pieces snapped near the base). While I'm trying to repair it with glue, a replacement, refund or some other arrangement would be preferable.

As far as the item is concerned, its a fairly plain pine piece apparently constructed in a manner similar to the method description on and stamped on both sides with the Crokinole Depot logo in which the "depot" is actually somewhat obscure. I had expected the routed groove at the bottom to be "rounded", but found it to be a straight roughly 1/2" groove. While this sits on my Muzzies rail fine, it would likely shift or lean with a strong table bump or earthquake (both of which events are as likely to mess up the round in progress anyway).

[UPDATE: Turns out the 20 holder is sized for the rail thickness of a Willard board which is slightly thicker than a Muzzies board]

At the end of this review, I consider it a "meh." I had higher expectations, but in hindsight, shouldn't have for a $20 investment. I'd like to obtain the Crokinole movie, but I'm a little nervous with the communications issues.

[UPDATE: After reporting the damaged 20 holder, CrokinoleDepot immediately refunded the price of the damaged item]

Posted Wed 07 March 2012 by Demian in Accessories