Crokinole Movie: The Follow Up

So I received my copy of "Crokinole", the movie from Crokinole Depot along with Joe Fulop's book, "It's Only Crokinole, But I Like It."

Given my "obsession" with the game, the movie is a great look into the personalities of the game. Set in 2004, it's actually a look back in recent history of the game. I got a kick out of seeing interviews and a glimpse at the personalities of Joe Fulop, Al Fuhr, Wayne Kelly, Bob Mader as well as apparently early views of Brian Cook and the Beierling's, Ray and Jason.

One of the big themes in the interviews and movie is the big fish, small pond nature of competitive crokinole. These players are very well known in the crokinole community but are as anonymous as anyone else in the rest of their lives.

I like the mixture of humility and confidence, seriousness and casualness of "real" people. Some of the charm comes from the Canadian accents and local idiom's in the interviews.

The style of the movie is documentary, but frequently comes off similar, Cinéma-vérité style, to "The Office" or Modern family. One quirky aside with Bob Mader, shows "a guy from the village collecting snake" in the background.

I'm also intrigued by the apparent use of Burce Lite 'n' Natural Liquid Paste wax on WCC boards.

I do recommend this movie for fans of the game. That said, my children has described me as obsessed, punctuated by my 8 9 year-old son shouting, "My dad made me watch a crokinole movie!"

Posted Sun 01 April 2012 by Demian in Crokinole