Extreme Crokinole with powder

Not surprisingly, I've enjoyed watching videos on YouTube of crokinole tournament highlights and especially the final's matches: definitely check out Nathan Walsh's series.

Besides the level of play, the striking difference I've noticed is the way the pieces appear to float during the ricochet. I've often suspected this is due to the powders and lubricants in use, but I've yet to experience them first hand, until yesterday.

My parents have come to visit for the weekend and brought both a can of #3 shuffleboard powder (yuck, its like sand) and a bottle of Mespi Anti-Friction Powder (for Crokinole/Carrom). I put only a tiny bit (teaspoon or less) in the ditch in front of both of us and was amazed by how fine the grain is and how much fast and less friction it brought to the game.

I'll have to follow up with more details, but let me say it does change the game.

Posted Sat 19 May 2012 by Demian in Accessories