Gamecraft Quadpod: too tall

Gamecraft Quadpod

The Gamecraft Quadpod initially looks like a compelling and inexpensive portable table for a Crokinole board. Unfornately, it didn't live up to my expectations. Fortunately I found an inexpensive version on eBay. The image available widely online shows a thin rectangular surface. This is NOT included with or attached to the "stand." It is an illustration of a carrom board resting on the 4 points of the stand.

The Quad pod is really 4 steel tubes, with a clever bracket pivot arrangemen that creates a level 4 point support for a sturdy "boardgame." While a crokinole board does sit sturdy on this stand (and more so than a inexpensive and shaky cardtable), at 36 inches high (not adjustable), its too tall for adults to sit much less children.

There does appear to be a "junior" version which is 30 inches high. This is likely the right height, but I'm not sure it will be as steady given how close the "points" would be. Drop me a comment if you have experience with the Quadpod Jr.

Posted Thu 01 March 2012 by Demian in Accessories