It's Only Crokinole, But I Like IT -- Joe Fulop

Along with the DVD, "Crokinole", I received a copy of Joe Fulop's "book." While he clearly put time into the text, it's a comb-bound book reminiscent of a high school term paper.

I liked the look inside an accomplished player's mind, but I did find the prose repetitive. The recent additions by Brian Cook, and Ray Beierling make better blog entries than a "book"

I did like the numerous board diagrams and statistics of Joe's abilities in his prime. For example, 70% or more of free shots on the 20 hole should be made. For buttons within the 15 circle, he states that the world class players can knock the opponents button off the board and sink a 20 more than half the time!

I'm at \~30% on my free 20s, clearly I have a ways to go.

I'm not sure the text is worth $20/copy except for the most obsessed students of the game.

I'm tempted to reach out and get permission to post excerpts online.

Posted Fri 06 April 2012 by Demian in Crokinole