Joys of playing crokinole

Having actually been playing the game for a couple of weeks, allow me to share some of the joys I've discovered.

The large board aside, its quick and easy to play a round or 2 of crokinole. Sit down, separate the discs and start flicking. A quick round can be played in under a minute, and a long one doesn't last more than 4 minutes. One doesn't have to commit to a 20 - 60 minute game to enjoy themselves.

The game is accessible and enjoyable regardless of age. My 8 eight year old son certainly has the dexterity to play and make decent shots. 4-5 might be on the young side, but flicking the pieces around the board can still be enjoyable.

Skill shots are definitely rewarding: successfully hitting an open 20, or knocking an opponents piece off the board while leaving your own piece in a good spot results in a fair bit of pride. At the same time, a lucky shot can bring racous laughter as did my double take-out (knocked 2 of my opponents pieces off the board) that fell into the 20-hole!

The game encourages players to unplug, turn off. The turns move fast enough that electronic distractions are less likely to intrude, and the sound and feel of chips bouncing and careening off the board satisfies that desire for instant feedback.

Posted Sat 25 February 2012 by Demian in Crokinole