The gift of crokinole

Burton by Hilinski

Today is my father's birthday. I imagine he's been watching my recent crokinole obsession with both curiosity and a bit of familiarity. Obsessive hobbies run in the family.

What might be particularly funny for long time Knipsbrat readers, is that it wasn't immediately obvious that this would make a good birthday present. My father is one of those ridiculous-to-shop-for people who either has "it", or doesn't want "it."

One Christmas, my brother and I both showed up beaming with pride asserting we had found the perfect gifts for our father. Imagine everyone's surprise when my father opened two Klein Bottles.

So, obviously my brother quickly agreed to partner with me on this purchase of a fine Hilinski crokinole board: Burton is what we ended up with. I'm looking forward to visiting and playing on it.

I've heard my father is looking into purchasing a few cues to deal with his "handicap." Maybe I can get him to guest write a post. The cues category at the WCC does use lazy susan's, and requires players to bring their own cue, but still adheres (pun intended) to the one-cheek rule.

Posted Tue 17 April 2012 by Demian in Boards