Waxing my wood

Carnuba Wax

Having found some inconsistencies with my first set of discs and significant impact on the speed of the board. I ventured out of my house to find some pure carnuba paste wax. Boardgamegreek and other crokinole forum's highly recommend "Mothers pure carnuba wax."

Many car waxes, such as Turtle-brand, contain cleaners and chemicals that are not good for the finished wood surfaces. I'm not sure, but this "Formula 1" brand wax appears to be only carnuba wax, and was relatively inexpensive at my local Autozone.

I followed the directions on the can, and applied a little bit of wax to the board and my discs. Its likely that I could have used more.

After letting it dry a bit, I wiped off the wax with a micro-fiber cloth and found the process did indeed increase the speed of the discs significantly. There was still a difference between side of a given disc, but they all slid much farther after the waxing was done.

Posted Tue 14 February 2012 by Demian in Accessories