Weiss Chau Gong Bag

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I first read about using gong bags as carrying cases for crokinole boards over at BoardGameGeek. There's a German seller mentioned, but clearly importing wasn't something I was interested in.

Gongs Unlimited market cases specifically targeted at crokinole players both on their own site as well as on eBay. They have received pretty good reviews. After some correspondence, they appear to be out of stock for a couple of months.

One of the issues with gong bags is the variability in size. A snug fit is preferable to maximize the protection of the board. An 80cm bag appear to be the target size for most tournament sized boards: 26 inch surface+ 2*[2 inch ditch + 1/4 inch rail]=30.5 inches=79 cm. it's important to not be too small.

I ordered an 80cm Weiss Chau gong bag from SteveWeiss music outside Philadelphia, and it fits my Muzzies tournament board perfectly. My puzzler board with wider rail can fit, but would be better suited by the 85cm bag.

The Weiss Chau bag is well padded around the perimeter as well as on the front and bag surfaces. The zippers seem to be strong and durable and are stitched nearly all the way around the bag. 2 handles on the surface make picking up the loaded case safe and the shoulder handles keep the board in control and away from the floor when carrying.

In summary, I highly recommend the Weiss Chau gong bag as a protective carrying case for your crokinole board. At $35-$40 it's also the best deal out there.

[UPDATE: Order it here:]

Posted Wed 14 March 2012 by Demian in Accessories