Recreational Doubles - WCC 2013

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The World Crokinole Championships are an all day event. Doubles categories starts by 8:30am. Singles categories are held in the afternoon and evening.

My son, Kieran, and I entered the recreational doubles category. Simultaneously, the competitive category and the cues category held their tournaments.

The first round of the WCC doubles are 6 games, each with against a different opposing team. The teams that accumulate the largest number of points at the end of the first round move on to the next round.

Each of the 6 games is made up of 4 rounds. Each of the 4 players gets a chance to go first (and more importantly last). In doubles play, each player gets 6 buttons (discs).

Kieran and I ended up placing 36 out of 46 teams. We're happy to have accumulated 33 20s. We had a great time playing against some great players.

Posted Sat 01 June 2013 by Demian in Competition (WCC)